Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Slowing Down

So! My glee over my good start has been cut short by reality. The reality that I caught the bug last weekend and my head felt like cotton for days. (Or at least, what I imagine cotton would feel like if it could.) The reality that the KiDS started school today. The reality that their yaya is not coming back. Ever! Mommy! Me - shrieking ala Paris.

Goodbye lazy mornings. Goodbye scrapping bliss. Hello waking up grumpy. Hello waking up even grumpier KiDS. Hello trying to convince three brats to eat their breakfast, drink their milk, take their vitamins and put on their uniforms, without anyone breaking into tears. (It takes all my energy not to break down and cry, I tell you.) Hey there, bringing the KiDS to school in the boondocks where there is no internet. Hey again, waiting at my in-laws' for the KiDS to come home, and again, trying to make them understand that food is good. You're back, homeworks that boggle the mind. Good evening whoever said "early to bed, early to rise..." Hello sweet pillow and soft bed for my tired bones. Go to hell alarm clock.

Where has the summer gone? Yayaaaa!!!!


Au Lim said...

awwww...wawa ka naman pala. kaya pala wala akong nakikitang new posts. yaan mo, if i hear about a yaya available, will tell you. hirap maging mom without our trusty assistants in the house, no? haaayyy...i can relate on the occasions that it happens to me, i can really get waaay too cranky. If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Jenn said...

well...halfway through the month and still no layout for me! =) i, too, caught a bug (but it was way too personal). pero babawi ako and i will make that six layouts i need to do for this month!