Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Peek

What a way to start a new week! First, I didn't have to wake up so early because the KiDS have no school today, to make up for our being in school last Saturday for Family Day. Second, after sleeping in the studio for the past few days, woke up today with DH in the house. And last but not least, this exciting message from Jenn that I had won A Peek Into Yesterday's Pillar of Strength contest. My layout is now resting comfortably in their home page. Part of the perks of winning aside from the $25 GC from their online store.

I entered one of my favorite layouts, I Know Her Heart, with a major revision. I included an accordion-style hidden journaling, written to my mother to comply with the requirement of the contest that I should indicate why that person is my pillar of strength.

Here is the hidden journaling. I got the idea of putting the journaling under the square quote from Marj's Dance with My Father LO.

Dearest Mommy, Manang Marissa tells me you were just 16 when this photo was taken. You looked so young, carefree and innocent. How I wish I had known you then. I know that raising me and my 7 siblings wasn't the easiest task. You faced many difficulties and challenges just to make sure that we had food on the table and we all had a good education. Truly, it's the miracle of your, and daddy's love that we all finished college. How you managed it a government employees' salaries, I still cannot fathom. I hope that with my own family of 3 children, I have even half of your strength and resilience. You taught me that with your family behind you, anything is possible. You remind me that indeed, only good will come from a parent's love and dedication. In my eyes, you are always beautiful. Love, Pinkee

Hope this week continues to be a good one. :-)


Jeff & Pia said...

Congrats Lee!!! I'm really happy you won! And you truly deserve this win!

Marami pang susunod!!!


Benga said...

Congratulations! Hataw na!
I love the vintage feel of this LO, truly deserving!

it's your time to shine! keep em coming!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Lee! First of all, thanks so much for dropping by the Queen Kat Designs Blog! Thanks so much. Really appreciate it!

And, second, oh wow, nanalo si Mommy!!! Galing-galing! I'm so happy to see this layout get the recognition it deserves! Great job, sistah! At tama si Pia, marami pang susunod!! =)


Maybelle said...

Your Mama looked so gorgeous in her teens. (don't they all!) Congratulations on your win! Beautiful work! Is Pinkee really your nickname?

C70 said...

CONGRATS, Lee!!! Your page is really beautiful and so deserving of recognition!!!

It was great seeing you last saturday :)

Liza said...

congrats lee! that was a really beautiful layout and so deserving of the win.