Monday, March 19, 2007

All About Friends

My friend Au said that there are scrappers who either have it, or don't. We both agree that Cabbie is one of those who have it. She is one prolific scrapper, making three to four LOs a week. It is always a joy to visit her blog and find new LOs have been uploaded. It is an even greater joy to see her in action. That is why I cherish our Friday crops so much. If only some of her talent would rub off to me, I would be one happy scrappin' gal.

But since that is not to be, I've got one better - a layout done for me by Cabbie. We were chatting away one day when she said that she's running out of photos to scrap. Not one to shy away from OPPORTUNITY, I immediately offered MY photos. I'm glad she took me seriously because I was only half-joking.

I know it took her less than a week to make this LO because she gave it to me last Friday.

Materials Used: I gave her 3 patterned papers by Anna Griffin and 7Gypsies, she added Daisy D's PPS and flower, Prima flowers, Mod buttons, alpha stickers, chipboard, acrylic paints, MM foam stamps. I am not sure about the quote box but it was quite apt. (Thank you, Cabbie, for so generously sharing your stuff, talent and time!)

Journaling Reads: "There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved." - George Sand. My friends and I had high tea at the T Salon in Glorietta on June 22, 2002. These girls have been my roommates/dormmates/housemates, at one time and another, since college. We were steadfast friends then, and we continue to be close friends now. Although we don't see each other as often as we'd like (life has a way of happening and taking us to different places), I treasure this photo and our friendship. The T Salon may be gone, but our friendship is not.

The Process: The Cabbie Jane process - She's very good at mixing patterned papers and she makes it seem so easy. Me? I may have my colorwheel or my DH beside me, and it still isn't any easier.

And oh, by the way, I asked Au if she thought I have the it? Her answer was sort of middle of the road. Hey, Au! I thought you either had it or you don't?


jennifer said...

Wow ganda naman ng layout. Cabbie truly has it... sana ako rin. hehehehe..

Are you joining the challenge at Scrapbytes? Di ko makita kung san ko upload ung scan ng LO ko (pero di ko pa nagagawa... gulo noh?)

the dreamer said...

Aba, aba! Naunahan pa ko magpagawa ng layout kay Jane! Hmmmph. Hehe.

Lee, honestly, I don't think it's a matter of "having it or not".

I follow Julia Cameron's advice, author of "The Artist's Way". We are, ALL OF US, creative beings. The key is just to actually use our creativity. And if you're blocked, like it feels like it's such an effort to create anything, don't be too hard on yourself.

Try to incorporate little creative things in your life. Embrace what inspires you. And it will follow. ;)


Lee i. said...

Hi Nina, thanks for reminding me that we are all creative beings. Actually, "IT" reminds me of that horrible clown in Stephen King's novel. Haha! So who would want to have IT? Maybe what Au really means to say is that some people find it easier to be more creative than others. Maybe it's the degree of our it-ness that distinguishes us from others? Hmmm...I think I have never used that diminutive word IT in so many sentences, ever. :-)

Au Lim said...

ay! magre-react lang ako ng konti...actually, kulang lang yung quote mo sa kin. but i know you got what i mean. for the benefit lang of those who might think i'm too harsh: some lucky people just have their creative instincts in "advanced mode" when they start out. parang they're "born" with it. but some of us lesser mortals just have to HONE it lang before we become really good at it. ang analogy ko nga: there are people who have great singing voices from the start. some naman have to train and practice a lot before they become stars.

so hindi naman wala nang pag-asa, di ba? always, the key is to keep doing it. besides, when it comes to scrapping, it doesn't really matter if we become magnificent at it or just average. what's important is that we enjoy doing it and we accomplish the (supposed) goal of leaving something behind for our kids, parents, relatives or friends to enjoy :-)

Au Lim said...

ay kulang pa pala sagot ko! kasi naman e, tinatanong pa ko if you have "IT" e trying to be diplomatic na nga ako e...besides, wala din naman ako nun! kaya nga di ba ang sabi ko naman may POTENTIAL ka?...bwahahaha...sige i-hone mo na... hekhekhek...[mwah]

cabbiejanescrapper said...

wow lee thanks for posting the layout and with matching dedication closed-up pa! hehehe. sige bigay nyo sa akin pics nyo and i-scrap ko..ssshhh. minimium fee lang po.. haaha. joke! all out of love eto..