Monday, March 05, 2007

The BIG Picture - Part 2

I finished reading the book today. I plan to analyse and internalize each and every layout next. In the meantime, here are more Big Picture gems from Stacy Julian:

*Scrapbooking is not a science. It's a dynamic changing collection of your life's stories.

*Don't stress about letting pictures sit - it's okay, and maybe, even good.

*Things don't always have to be so straight. And it's okay to just cover up mistakes.


*Remember, the size, shape, and ultimate resting place of a scrapbook memory is less important than the fact that you did what felt right.

*SIMPLE SCRAPBOOKING is the permission you give yourself to scrapbook what's most important to you, when it's most important.

If you think I've shared all the secrets of the book for you, then you have another think coming. There are more things to learn from The Big Picture. I know that in the next few days, I will keep the book within reach so I can review it. This is one book I will always want to refer to as I grow in this hobby. (Hmmm...maybe I should get my own copy then. Hahaha.)

I like how the book just segues seamlessly into the heart of scrapbooking. Stacy Julian starts by sharing her layouts (and her life) and you begin to think, "Oh, yes, that's what's important." As I read the book, I find myself nodding and smiling and having what Oprah calls "A-ha!" moments. And Stacy is not even giving you a lecture. She just shares what works for her. And truly, it should work for every Ms. Scrapper who doesn't want the unnecessary work, stress, and expectations that sometimes comes with the territory. (Think comparing your work with others'.) But take a look at Stacy's work. They're really quite simple, not too many accoutrements, but they all tell the story. Which is what our scrapbooks should do. Tell our stories to our own.

There is one thing though that Stacy wrote that I disagree with. She wrote, "Scrapbooking is cheap therapy." Hmmm....not really. And especially not if you're from this part of the world.

Thanks, Nita, for trusting me with your precious copy. I can now see the big picture, and it's just wonderful.

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