Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scrapmeet 3

The scrap meets organized by are special to me. The very first scrap socials I ever attended was last year's Scrapmeet 2. Going backwards, the first locally-based scrapbooker I met was Lala Evangelista (great person, this Lala), also of myscrapworks. Really, I was led to their site by serendipity. I was geared for world domination reading Jessica Zafra's blog when I saw the link "Scrappin'." Now, anybody who knows Jessica knows she is not the scrapbooking type. So I thought, hmph...this is probably a satire and has nothing to do with scrapbooking at all. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a website for Manila-based scrappers. Yoo-hoo. Finally, I didn't feel so alone in this passion.

I always get a high attending EBs, small crops, scrapmeets, scrapfests...The energy and the enthusiasm set off by other attendees are very contagious. I always come away feeling wired and inspired. Scrapmeet 3 was no exception.

I almost wasn't able to attend but for the generosity of a special person. I will have to admit the price of entry (P850) was quite steep for me. I have been out of work for quite a while. I was so happy other friends were attending, too, and I reminded them to come early so we can register to all the workshops which were limited to 20 persons each topic only. Good advise that I didn't quite take. I wasn't late. I arrived at 10:20 am. The sched said 10:30 am. But I was too late to sign up for the make-and-takes. In fact, I was #20 on the photo uploading workshop, the last one open. (A groan and a mental kick in the butt for not leaving the house earlier, I could have avoided the traffic.) Mabelle said we could sit in in any of the workshops sans kits and we couldn't ask questions. Those who were able to sign up get those privileges.

A screenshot of the movie Scrapped

First activity of the day - shopping: Pressing Matters (really tempted by those Technique Tuesday stamps but way beyond my budget), SMILE (got to try the new Cuttlebug and the embossing templates - drool, drool, drool), Memory Box (which had all of their stuff onsale. I guess they're trying to unload their inventory since their shop in Robinson's Galleria has closed), Handcrafted Expressions (showcased Airees Rondain's creativity using local materials), A Perfect Creation (familiar faces since their store is walking distance from my house), Memory Lane (the ever enthusiastic Helen pushing me to buy this and that - I held on to my willpower) and last but not least, Lasting Impression (which always has good stuff so I didn't even dare peek.)

I distracted myself by looking at the entries to the various challenges - Valerie Salmon's sketch and scrap, 3bugs in a rug, K&Co., and Haribon. Good thing they announced the premiere of the movie "Scrapped" not long after. Watching a movie is safer for my wallet. BTW, attendees of the scrapmeet get an original copy of the DVD. The Kiddie Srap session for kids 6-12 years old was held simultaneously with the movie screening. I didn't finish the movie though as lunch called. (I could watch the DVD in the comfort of my home and the reluctant company of my DH later.) It was a heavy lunch but I was disappointed there was no siomai since Dragongate was touted to be one of the best places to get Chinese food in Manila. We couldn't even order it from the restaurant downstairs. Sigh.

Mich & Cabbie with her Haribon entry

Lala then announced the start of the first-ever scrap trivia contest - individual and team categories. Since I partcipated in both, I think it deserves an entry by itself. Will post about it later. It was fun, exciting and quite draining. Hey, I know this is just scrap trivia, but never did my brain cells work so much since I joined Game KNB. Basic scrapbooking was held at the same time as the trivia contest, as it was assumed that you are way beyond basic if you can identify patterned papers in your sleep.

After the scrap contest, it was sort of a free for all. The workshops were running late so some were held at the same time. Except for the make and takes, it didn't matter much anymore if you were able to sign up for all. You had to make a choice. I chose to attend May Chong's stamping demo over Din Cordero's photo uploading workshop. Hopefully, Din will upload his instructions in his column in myscrapworks. I missed Airees' craft demo though.

Then came the most awaited part of the day for those who submitted entries to the challenges. My, I don't envy the judges their role of determining the winners. All the entries were well-crafted. Valerie Salmon even sent a recorded voice message regarding her top choices. So sweet of her! She's one of my inspirations. You can see the complete roster of winners in the website but I'd like to congratulate my friends - Donna (1st place, Valerie Salmon sketch and scrap), Tin - my classmate in AIM whom I last saw four years ago (3rd place, 3bugs in a rug), and Nenette Madero of My Little Attic (Retailer of the Year). Kudos, too, to the LB (Los Banos) scrapbookers for winning many of the challenges. Great work indeed.

Huh! Last minute shopping! But I was very very good and didn't spend more than P300, inclusive of the fare going to the venue. Somebody hug me!

Congratulations to the organizers of Scrapmeet 3 for all your hard work in bringing us a well-organized event. If I may suggest though, that next time if there are few workshops and slots are limited, maybe you can have participants sign to 1 or 2 workshops only. That way, there would still be open workshops for those who arrive later. I know it pays to arrive early, but still, people have to get their money's worth. And please, next time, some siomai? LOL.


leira said...
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leira said...

congrats on your win sa scrap meet!!!

Lee i. said...

Hi Leirs, thanks for dropping by. I read more than I actually scrap. Pero at least napakinabangan din di ba? Hope you're feeling much better. Ingat.

Nita said...

Ano kamo Lee... pumunta ka ng Scrapmeet 3 and came away with just Php300.00 worth of purchase (that includes pa kamo the transportation fare)? Naku, let me hug you nga because had it been me, I would be crying -dahil kulang pa ang dala kong pera! (Quesehodang dala ko pa yung half-month's wage ko)LOL

ellago said...

wow.. galing naman.
only 300? it never happen to me to spend less than 1K in an EB or event.
in stores...pwede pang less.

for that, i'll give u a hug and a big round of applause.