Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

I started this blog the day after I joined the Pinoy Scrapbookers e-group so that I would have a venue to share my scrapbooking journey with people who would appreciate and understand. As many of you know and have experienced yourselves, not everyone is a scrapbooker, and they could never get why we are so passionate about photos, paper, and glue.

I am sure that at first, few read my blog, but as our number grew and more scrappers got their own blogs to document their own journeys, we visited each other, learned more from and about each other. Truly, blog-hopping has become such a part of my routine that my day is not complete if I didn't read about Nina's latest ATC, Nita's scrapbooking bloopers, Christine's shopping finds, Airee's Monday mosaics, Cabbie's newest creation, Au's deconstruction, Jenn's creative calisthenics...Oh, my, I never should have started this. Even if I failed to mention your name, rest assured, that if your blog is written on the blog roll at left, I never fail to read you. Never. So Leirs, I know the latest about your lost (and found) cellphone. And I didn't leave a comment because you warned me. I try as much as possible to leave comments to your blogs, as well as respond to your comments to mine because I think the blogging's best reward is that you provoked someone to pause and think. Thankfully, except for a spam message that was written in Portuguese, I have never read a negative comment on my blog. Although negative comments, especially about my layouts are most welcome. Just be warned that your blogs are free game, too. LOL.

So anyway, this past year has been a blast. I started hoarding stuff in October 2005 and I really thought I had more than enough. But as Au was telling me last night, one could never have enough scrapbooking stuff. (When will it ever end?) I finally made my first layout in June 2006. Yes, took me that long to gain courage (not confidence yet). In August 17, 2006, I joined Pinoy Scrapbookers and life (and my wallet) was never the same. I slowly gained confidence, enough to join challenges. I have had my altered photo box win me a Canon Powershot camera, but most of all I won friends. You guys are just great.

As of today, I have scrapped 42 layouts. Not much compared to most of you, I know. But considering that I didn't scrap at all for more than a year since I was gifted my first set of decorative-edged scissors and 12x12 albums, 42 is quite an achievement.

And today, I also learned that my Scrappinmoms' Idol journey continues, having made it through Round 1. My entry is called Sandwich Kiss and you can view it here. Congratulations (good news or bad news?) to all of us who made it to next round. Kudos, too, to Phylline, Pam and Marix. Your layouts are all very creative. Whoever invented the rule that three scrappers be dropped every week should be...commented for being such a brave soul. Hehehe. Kung pwede lang sana lahat tayo nasa finals... Pero parang ayoko yatang umabot dun. Di ko na kaya ang stress! Waaahhhh...

But anyway, happy birthday, The Armchair Scrapper. May you blog more, live, love, laugh and scrap more in the years to come. And dare I say, that you have successfully moved your b**t from your armchair. Hahaha.

Note: Cupcake by Sonja. Her shop is at Serendra. Been wanting to get me one of this since they opened last year. She just celebrated her first year anniversary, too.


dianeskie said...

Hello Lee! Happy birthday sa blog mo! Sana nasa blog roll mo din ako. hihihiih! Paki add pala nung 2 blogs ko pa pls.


C70 said...

Happy 1st birthday to the Armchair Scrapper! Glad that you've eventually unleashed your creative streak, I love what you've done so far! Indeed, you have grown by leaps and bounds - kudos to you!

I love Cupcakes by Sonja too, especially the Banana Chocolate - yummy! But aren't they a little overpriced for cupcakes, though? Haha! Kahlo (hope I got the name right - I find it difficult to distinguish between your girls! :o) is so cute in those photos!

:) Shopping finds, eh? Haha! We scrappers must tenaciously scour online shops for the best bargains to make sure that we stretch the shopping money to the hilt! *wink*

Au Lim said...

HAPPY Anniversary to you indeed, Armchair Scrapper Lee although you are no longer just in the armchair but in the midst of all the fray!!! hahaha...what an achievement in the span of a year! i started scrapping 2001 but only have just a little more than your 42 LOs to show for kaya you must be proud of them!

And nobody could be prouder than me for finding a friend like you just by getting involved in this hobby we are so passionate about. Talk about the good things in life!


Lee i. said...

Salamat sa mga pagbati. To Diane - dami mong blogs! When do you find the time? :-) To Christine, of course I love viewing your layouts, too, pero obvious ba, shopping ang natandaan. Yes, that is Kahlo. I should remember to try the banana chocolate next time. Pricey nga, iniisip ko how many pieces of paper I'd get for 1 cupcake haha. Au, friend, touched naman ako sa sinabi mo. :-) Thanks, all.

Ch said...

Happy Anniversary Lee's blog! Sa totoo yours is one of the first that I'm excited to check. Hehe I love your entries :) Medyo may pagka-lurker ako most of the time but I really read them all :)

The Idol challenge will be the end of me. I'm super stumped as to what to come up with for the next round :(

Lee i. said...

Thanks, CH. Am just happy may readers pala blog ko, even if sometimes I just ramble on. Hahaha. Re Idol, I'm sure you will create another great LO cause you, girl, has got your own sweet style.