Friday, August 10, 2007

Kaya 4 - No. 1 Fan

When you're inspired, things just seem to fall into place. This month's Kaya! is on using ephemera in a layout. As a mom of three KiDS and a DH who collects just about everything (even the instructions that come with Happy Meal toys), it should have been easy for me to find something to scrap. Wrong! I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items that I have saved through the years. But inspiration hit me when I found this sweet note from my daughter, Sarah.

Journaling Reads:
(A conversation between Sarah and I while I am reading my scrapbook magazines and she is peeking over my shoulder):

Sarah: Mama, why are your scrapbooks not in the magazines?
Mama: Why? Do you want our scrapbooks to be in magazines?
Sarah: Yes...except the one where I was crying.
Mama: I don't thing my layouts are good enough.
Sarah: Oh, but they're very nice, Mama. Promise!

Lots of hugs and kisses ensue and my place in scrapbooking history is assured.

Materials Used:
Paper - Daisy D's; Cardstock - unknown; Ribbon - Michelle's; Stickers - Scenic Route; Stamp - Autumn Leaves; Ink - Colorbox; Distress Ink; Puncher - Paper Shapers Corner Adorner; Diecut: Cuttlebug; Pen - Uni Ball Signo white; Adhesive - UHU.

A note from Sarah where she wrote " I "heart" you Mama. You are a great scrapbook artist." (It's exactly as she gave it to me except that I inked the edges. Nobody told her to write that and there was no particular occasion. I'm just sorry that I failed to note the date.)

The Process:
This is one layout where I concentrated more on my thoughts and feelings rather than on making it good. I scrapped this mainly for me and my daughter. A reminder to myself that I do not have to put myself through unnecessary pressure and fear of relentless scrutiny to come up with a good LO. I am scrapping details of our lives and my family (and their families) wouldn't care that I didn't follow basic principles of design. I know they will smile, awashed in fond memories, when sometime in the future they will look at my scrapbooks. Our love for each other will last, everything else is ephemeral.

For my daughter Sarah, a reminder that she loves (or loved) me, the works that I create(d) and that she is my No.1 Fan.

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