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Seven weeks no scrap. Crazy, indeed. I've been beset by ennuiand I haven't scrapped for more than seven weeks. Fifty days to be exact. It's enough to drive a scrapbooker loco. And for a scary minute back there, I actually loved not scrapping. No rush, no pressure. I was really comfortable in my rut, I could have stayed there forever.

But, the irony is, being in a rut didn't stop me from scrap shopping. (I think the guilt of spending way too much on scrap items added to it. Talk about digging myself into a deeper hole.) Even if I didn't have the drive to scrap anything, I bought materials for challenges that our local stores have been offering.

And finally, wonders of wonder, last week, with the encouragement of my DH (he actually gave me several days off from mommy duties) I finally sat down and began cutting and pasting paper. I'd like to share this feat with you. I don't want to jinx this this time, so I won't say what I said previously.


The stamping challenge over at the Pinoy Scrapbookers Challenge blog really had me stumped. But as a member of the core team, I had a commitment to submit layouts to all the challenges in a timely manner. Well, it hadn't been timely, kinda last minute actually, but I made it! It felt good to be scrapping again, not to mention to be with close scrapping friends. I finished this LO at our regular Friday mini-EB. I wasn't able to attend the mini-EBs for as long as I was unable to scrap.

Big Bad Mama

This was inspired by an article by Panjee Gonzales which Leirs posted in her blog last June 30. I totally related to what Panjee had to say about being a mother. Especially as I had to make many difficult adjustments and meet many challenges (nope - not scrapbooking related) during the last two months. It had been difficult and I questioned my capacity to always be a loving mom. Making this LO made me realize that I don't have to be super-SAHM . To my credit, when I showed this to my KiDS, they were puzzled by the title and they assured me between hugs and kisses that I am not not a bad mom. Although I distinctly heard my DH pipe up in the background, "Yup, but she's big." I decided to ignore that.

Journaling (on tags which I have had for the longest time and was happy to discover are acid-free):
Check that KiDS have healthy "baon"
Read PATECON notes re schoolwork
Remember to check homeworks
Supervise KiDS' meals
Referee quarrels/fights
Have lots of patience
Clean up/listen up
???put the KiDS up for adoption

Want to Do List
Read books for grown-ups
Computer (blog/surf)

It's not easy to be a SAHM. You are on call 24 hours a day. It is particularly hard now that my yaya decided to take a permanent vacation. I have a long list of "things to do" for my DH and 3 KiDS everyday. But sometimes I forget and the entire household runs amok. Many times I lose it. I become upset...mad. I lose my patience. I raise my voice. I turn into a bad mama. And when that happens. I don't like myself at all.

Materials Used:
Papers - Basic Grey Sublime Collection; Stamps for title - Making Memories Mixed Font foam stamps; MM acrylic paint - Espresso; Stamp on photo - Autumn Leaves "Invent Yourself It's Up To You"; Stamp on paragraph - Making Memories Magnetic Alphabet (thanks Nita for lendingf me the MM tools); unknown tags.

Paper tearing, lots of stamping. And lots of mistakes. It's not easy to stamp letters or words. Sometimes they come out baligtad. So to make sure, I stamp on scratch paper first. To illustrate, I mistook the "G" to be an "A" and stamped it on "Mama". I cut a piece of the patterned paper to cover up my mistake. I then did the same for the last letter "A", hoping against hope that it would look intentional. I still have to get the hang of stamping. But at least I tried and now I can say, Kaya!


Would you believe I was actually able to make two entries for this challenge? Let's just say I love Val's sketches. Also, I made a deal with myself that I will join all of Val's sketch challenges over at My Scrapworks. And, I was able to use 4x6 prints! I have to mention that my 8x11 photo printer ran out of ink and I didn't have money to buy the six cartridges yet so I was forced to use my HP Photosmart which only spewed out regular prints. I think it turned out well because my memories of these events needed more than one photo.

Beautiful Dancer

Sarah, oh, how you love to dance. You hear music in your head and you dance to it. Continue to dance your way into our hearts.

Materials Used:
Papers - My Mind's Eye (Wild Asparagus, Tres Jolie); Tag - My Mind's Eye Quotes; Flowers - Prima and Bazzill; Stickers - Creative Expression; Stamps - Bam Pop; Technique Tuesday; Ink - Colorbox; Button - K & Co.; Diecuts - Cuttlebug Vintage Corners; Brad - All About Scrapbooking; Chalk; ribbon and shoe embellishment from Divisoria; Software - Adobe Photoshop CS.

I was able to use both sides of only two patterned papers. (Yey for thrift!) It was also my first time to use my new Cuttlebug and I loved it. I sanded the edges of the papers, even the journaling strips. It wasn't easy and and dust (and expletives) colored the air. The violet ink was too bright for the papers so I muted it with chalk. First time to use this palette that has been in my stash forever, too.

When Did You Grow Up?

I know my eldest is no longer a baby but neither is he grown up (at least in mama's eyes) already. But I have noticed and sensed many changes in his demeanor recently. Including, his resistance to join the other children in the kiddie chairs when there are parties. He has become reticent about joining parlor games. He would rather watch from his chair beside us in the adults' area. I chose different pictures of him in past parties, the biggest one being the latest.

You used to be excited over kiddie birthday parties. Yu can't wait to join in the games. But lately, I noticed you don't want to be with the other children anymore. You hesitate to join in the games. May I remind you that you are only nine. It's OK to be a play...don't grow up too fast. Time enough for that.

Materials Used:
Papers - Daisy D's; Stickers - unknown epoxy stickers, Creative Expressions; Stamps - Technique Tuesday; Diecut - Cuttlebug Red Tag Sale.

I took my inspiration from the photos. Since Diego is wearing a plaid shirt, I chose a plaid PPS. It was serendipitous that the matching PPS had circles on it as it echoed the balloons in the photos. I retained Valerie's circles as it fit perfectly with the circular patterns. Although the photos are colorful, it was lucky that the colors complemented each other. I had fun with the bright orange accents. I didn't think to use flowers for the LO as I want it to be fun and all boy. So I cut the different colored circles from the paper and adhered them in the upper-left corner with foam and pop-up dots. Also, by this time, I had practice using the sketch for Beautiful Dancer so it was quicker. I like it's simplicity as the focus is on the photos.

I joined two more challenges and I will posting them soon. Thanks for reading cause I am defintely back!!!

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