Saturday, August 11, 2007

Journey with Me

Yup! It's official. The non-stop "dings" and "to-toots" of my YM and cellphone confirmed yesterday that my audition layout made it to the Top 30 of the Scrappin Moms' Idol Challenge.

My first reaction was to shout, "Papa! I made it through the first round!" Then, "Oh, my, I am in very good company" as I saw the names of the other contestants. It read like (except for the judges themselves) a who's who of local scrapbooking. Familiar names, many of whom have won challenges before and some new ones who show much promise. But when I saw the next challenge, I could only mutter, "S..t. What did I get myself into?"

What, indeed.

I like joining challenges because they inspire me to make layouts that I would never have thought of making otherwise. Case in point, the Kaya! challenges. They also push me to create as soon as I have thought of them because they have deadlines. Otherwise, they would have stayed just as ideas until they are eventually pushed to the back of my mind. Sayang naman. I recently viewed my album and I realised that I have created most of them for challenges. I don't think I would have been able to fill two albums in less than a year otherwise.

I am usually always satisfied with my creations. Once I finish and I slip the finished LO into the protective sheet, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I do not think of winning while I am making an LO. I only think of putting my ideas into paper, so to speak. It is when I have submitted my LOs to challenges that I begin to think of the possibilities of winning or losing. I guess that is human nature. Show me a person who doesn't have any expectations when s/he joins a contest and I will show you a person...who is not me. Haha. I do not stress myself out making an LO - I do not consciously set out to make a winnable LO. My LOs are personally meaningful and not just for show. But I do stress myself out when I see my LO side by side with other LOs, knowing that I have put part of me under relentless scrutiny.

My LOs have never won (notice I said LOs, not "I"), and I am disappointed. Who doesn't want to win? For a few moments I forget that I have already been rewarded. Again, it is human nature to sometimes question yourself when this happens, but I bounce back. It is in acknowledging disatisfaction that you learn to be satisfied.

This is my rather long-winded explanation on why I chose to submit an LO to the Idol challenge. (Well, aside from the fact that I respect and admire the organizers and that I want to do my part in making our small community flourish.) I know that I will be putting myself through a wringer but if it would make me test my capabilities and limits, why not? I am never one to back down from any challenge. And besides, it would ensure me at least one LO a week. I have a very supportive DH who respects my "Me" time (he even gives me days off when he knows I have a deadline to meet) and KiDS who love my scrapbooks no matter what. I have never heard them complain that I scrap too much. If anything, they complain that I don't make enough LOs about "us." Oh, Diego did complain once that I buy too much stuff but I don't use them as much. :-)

Also, as I said earlier, I am in good company. It would not be an embarassment to be eliminated amidst such very good scrapbookers. But my pride hopes I don't get eliminated early. Sana umabot man lang ng week 3. Hahaha. But this I say, if and when I am eliminated, I will continue to create LOs for the challenges. LOs that only you, dear readers, will judge. So come, journey with me.

Click here to view the layouts for the elimination round.
And this is my layout about our New Kid on the Block, Jazmane Marie. She is the daughter of our yaya of 5 years. We treat both of them as members of our family. Incidentally, today is Jazmane's first birthday.


C70 said...

Congrats on making the short-list of scrappers for the Idol Challenge, Lee! I am sure you'll be making it to lots of the other rounds! Good luck!

Alby said...

Congrats Lee. And I totally share your sentiments about challenges. I am also thankful my hubby gives me time alone to work on my los even if it means sitting in my scrap corner all day on the one day of the week that we actually spend in our Cavite home. I joined Idol so that I have reason to scrap weekly. And yes, I will be disappointed if I get eliminated too early (like you, I'm hoping to make it to round 3 at least). But I promised myself to follow the challenges and come out with my own lo even if I am already eliminated. Will just post them at my blog. Good luck to both of us Lee!

Ch said...

I super agree with you Lee! I only joined the challenge because I made a resolution to start scrapping, and nothing pushes me to than if I know it's "due", if that makes sense. Haha! Kasi kung ako lang, tatamarin ako to have pics developed, etc. Sayang rin diba. :) And yeah, nakakastress in a way rin talaga, like inaabangan mo talaga to see if you've made it and you can't help but feel disappointed if/when you do. Hay! Pero good luck na lang sa atin, hopefully this challenge will make me scrap more (kasi hindi ako sumasali usually hehe!). Miss you guys!

Ch said...

Oops, typo, I mean if/when you don't. Hehe :) Wala lang. Buti na lang pala I went around reading people's blogs, I was about to post my Idol page on my blog tapos nakasulat pala bawal or automatic disqualification! Hahahhaa! Hassle siguro madisqualify ng ganun. :D Whew.