Sunday, April 13, 2008

Attack of The Vertigo

So last Monday, after an extremely interesting visit to the Carmelites, a delicious lunch, and a restful sleep, I struggled to my feet and wobbled on to the bathroom. There was nothing unusual there as I am admittedly not a morning person and waking up early is a constant struggle with my Mama-conscience and my DH. I did feel I was wobblier than usual though but I chalked it off to me rushing to the bathroom, my feet barely touching the floor.

When I got out, however, I fell inside the closet, much to my DH's amusement. He thought I was joking around. Lucky for me I fell on a stack of clothes. I pulled myself out, only to fall again, this time on the floor. This time, DH was not laughing.

When I say fall, I do not mean swaying gracefully on my feet and then slowly falling to the floor. I wasn't even dizzy or anything. It was more like, me moving my head and falling down, without my brain even comprehending that I was falling until I actually hit the floor. It was like having the rug pulled out from under me. I couldn't even hold out my hand to break my fall, simply because, my brain didn't process that tiny important detail.

I was scared...this has never happened to me before. DH advised me to lie down and not move around so much. A few hours later, I received a text from Nita excitedly telling me that "It's a holiday today so we can scrap to our heart's delight." I texted her back to tell her that I couldn't scrap because I seem to have lost my balance. She asked me what my symptoms were and she confidently declared I had vertigo. She also gave me the name of a medicine I should take. I believed her because she said she had the same symptoms before and this medicine helped her. She told me about this wonder drug twice. "Zyrtec lang yan!"

Since DH was not around and I wanted relief from the falling sensation, I asked our driver to buy me the lowest dose of the medicine. Nita said in about 20 minutes the medicine will work. It didn't, but I did fall asleep, providing some modicum of relief.

When I woke up, I was still feeling wobbly, but at least I wasn't falling all over the place anymore. It was only bad when I looked up or down suddenly. This lasted the whole week. Yesterday, I finally ventured out with the KiDS and I felt nauseous in the car. I am still not feeling that well right now and blogging is quite a strain. So pardon me if I'm just going round and round, blame it on the vertigo.

And here's a funny thing. I was chatting with Au and she told me I should take Serc. I said Nita advised me to take Zyrtec. Au replied, Zyrtec is for hives, Serc is anti-vertigo. Suddenly, I heard DH's doomsday voice in my head, "Sigurado ka ba sa gamot na yan, doctor ba siya?" while I explained in a small voice, "Sanay na siya sa gamot. I trust her."

Yeah, right. Trust someone who can't tell Basic Grey from My Mind's Eye. Someone who has admitted to not knowing her scrapbooking brands. Who knew that extended to medicines? It turns out that Zyrtec is indeed for hives and Serc is the right pill. Nita apologised to me profusely because they "sounded alike." Well, she was only being helpful...and she did promise me she will never recommend medicine to anyone again. (Peace, Nita.) And I will never take prescription from a non-MD again. I should've known better.

Well, at least that day, I was assured I wasn't getting hives.


Jenn said...

I hope you're 100% fine now. Take care always, okay?

Sandra Yu said...

hi ms lee. hope ur fine. take good care. I was so scared to hear that. my officemate got that and she even told me once it attacked, you just got to lay down..anywhere you are..cya nga daw sa cr na madumi. just make sure pala you got a company w/c..kahit si DH lalo sa cr..God bless

Au Lim said... write so well! i knew the story already and you still got me on the floor laughing. may parts pa ng story when you get me part worried and part laughing. very nice rhythm to the story. hanep! you should can really put this talent to good use.

i hope you are doing better by now. got the same condition years back and it turned out to be ear imbalance and eventually went away by itself. best to get checked by the doc though para sure, ha. especially if it persists.

ingats! mwah :-D

Nita Ang said...

I can't say it enough, Lee... I'm so sorry talaga. Just the same, I couldn't help laughing at the situation. Buti na lang pala I asked you to get the lowest dose nung medicine. If it makes you feel any better, I do take those 2 medicines kaya familiar name nila sa akin. If I were you, wag ka na manggigil... intayin mo na lang na magka-vertigo din ako. I assure you, malaki ang possibility that I'll take Zyrtec for it. Eh di nakaganti ka na rin - hehehe

Cookie Aguilar said...

hi Ms. Lee!! hope everything is fine na... I was really laughing when i heard your story...Ms. Nita was making kwento about it. patay daw cya sayo... hihi!.. neway, hope ok ka na... pa check ka na rin to be sure.. para magkaremedy or incase feeling mo magstart ulit yan, alam mo na agad what to do...
HUGS! - cookie

marking said...

Hi Lee, Hope you got a check up and you're feeling better. When you mentioned Zyrtec got confused cuz that's what we take for allergy. Haha

Ch said...

Hahaha oh Lee, natawa rin ako, funny ng story mo! But I'm so glad you're better. When my mom gets vertigo attacks we're all so scared kasi hindi talaga siya makagalaw sa hilo. Yikes. *HUGGG*!

C70 said...

Lee, I'm so sorry that had to happen to you :( Hope you're feeling much better! {{{HUGS}}}

Maybelle said...

I hope you're feeling much better, Lee. Good thing you fell on a heap of clothes and not on a hard surface. Au's right.. you might want to have your ear checked. My brother suffered from vertigo last eyar and had no idea what caused it. when he went to an eent, the doctor discovered a super short strand of hair that landed on his ear drum. turns out that he just had a haircut the previous week and the culprit hair landed right inside in his eardrum. talk about weird??!!. get well soon!!!

mitch said...

Heard this story nung eb, haha! tc!