Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Card Games and More

I think it's safe to say that I first learned my mathematics from the neighborhood tambayan. I used to play 41, Black Jack, and Pusoy (poker) with other kids. Although maybe I was the only one in school to say an "A" is equal to 11, and the "people" (King, Queen and Jack) are always worth "10s".

I am by no means a card shark but this penchant for card games held me in good stead when I first entered my first casino (and yes, I was carded but I assure you I was legal by then.) At least, it looked like I knew what I was doing when I played the games. However, I couldn't quite focus on the cards at hand because I was afraid to be seen by anyone I knew inside a casino. I'd keep looking around and ducking under the table each time I thought I saw someone I knew. I was embarassed to be seen there actually. And also, after a few hours, the noise, from the slot machines and other players, the piped-in music, can be too much for me to bear.

That is why, in this day and age, people appreciate that there are online casinos like that they can visit in the safety and relative quiet of their own homes -
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