Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shopping Convenience

I curse the day when I discovered online shopping. Well, at least my DH curses it. I never realized it could be so easy! You just put your selected merchandise inside your shopping cart and because you do not see things physically piling up, you keep on clicking only to get the shock of your life come check-out time. The new shopping cart sofwares make this so simple for the merchandiser and the buyer. I cannot believe the ease by which I am divested of my money by ecommerce software! If all the transactions go smoothly, then I keep on coming back for more. (So, if you are a merchandiser thinking to build and online store the shopping cart software should be your top consideration). Not good for my budget. But then again, when my scrapbooking stuff finally reaches me (after months at sea), I couldn't be happier. And I feel a slight twinge of regret that I didn't click more. Hmmm...I think that would make a good scrapbook LO about my addiction to online shopping..."Just keep on clicking..."

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