Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DH's Home

Christmas in the summer. Well, that's what it felt like when DH arrived home last Monday night. He brought home two balikbayan boxes full of toys (yes, scrapbooking and otherwise). The KiDS had a marvelous time diving into the boxes and surfacing with one toy or another. I dove in with them, too, lest they crumple my scrapbooking papers that I knew would be there, of course. I felt kinda guilty when I saw that most of the stuff were for us, but that quickly passed. Hehehe.

If you have been following this blog, you would know that I sent DH out on a mission. A mission to infiltrate all the Michaels' and Joann's stores in San Fernando Valley. You'd think that armed with photographs and descriptions, this would have been an easy task, but nooo.... Let me tell you why, and I assure you, it's not for his lack of trying.

1) The aforementioned scrapbooking stores don't necessarily have the same stock that you see in their online stores. In fact, I would guess that they have more stuff online. I should've taken the suggestion of a fellow scrapbooker and just ordered online and addressed it to where DH was going to stay. Unfortunately, DH was in the US for a very short time only and I was worried the shipment would not reach him before he had to leave.

2) Different branches have different stocks, and have different items on sale. If I were to believe DH, he visited around 4 Joann's and 1 Michaels. He said Michaels items were more expensive than Joann's.

3) Not all the sales personnel know what they are selling. "If it's not in the racks, we don't have it." So, DH had to manually search for the items on my list. Kawawa naman siya, dinugo daw ang ilong niya sa Joann's Superstore. I though he was being sarcastic but our friend, Uncle Johnny told me on YM that it really happened. Hmmmm....must find really nice way to say thank you to DH then. :-)

He didn't get me all the items on my list, but he got me more than enough (must...say...thank a very nice way.) He got me DCWV cardstocks which were on sale. A scrapper can never have enough cardstock. The horizontal paper organizers he got me didn't turn out so bad, although I think I will use them to store the discounted embellishments he got me. And oh, he did manage to get me the Fiskars punchers I asked him to buy. Although I am still not sure what I would do with the Fiskar's circle cutter.

I will try to post photos later, but in the meantime, with all he brought home for me, I feel it's almost okay that I am missing Scrapfest next week. Almost...not quite. Hehehe.


marjorie said...

hi sis! glad dh is back home safe and sound. forgot to let u know that michael's carry some prima stuff now..and the new amy butler collection is to die for! i think they are the only one who has them for now...paging tita marissa!

Anonymous said...

hey, lee! can't wait to see your loot :) DH is sucha cool guy :)

Benga said...

naks hanswit naman ni hubby! dami pogi points hehehehe, enjoy your stash!!!

Christine said...

whoa, lee!! looks like you're going to have fun playing very soon!!

Roxannee said...

buti ka pa u can send him to a mission...enjoy your pressies!