Thursday, May 08, 2008

Never Send a Man to Do a Scrapper's Job

As some of you may know, DH is now in the U.S. on official business. I thought of joining him but since he will only be there for 10 days, it isn't worth it. My airfare would be better used for buying scrapbooking stuff. And to be honest, we don't have money set aside for an unplanned trip. He is being sponsored as it is.

So I gave him a list, complete with photos, description and prices of the things I wanted him to get for me. All he has to do is go inside a Joann's or Michael's, and he will be all set. (Too bad there is no Hobby Lobby in California. I heard from Marj that the latest Basic Grey releases are 50% off! $10 for a collection pack and I can't get my hands on them. Waaahhhh....)

Since DH left, I wait for him to go online every morning and the second I see him on YM, I buzz him to ask, "what did you get for me today?" Grabe, di man lang kinumusta muna, ano?

I asked for the Fiskar's circle handheld punch. He got me a Fiskar's circle cutter. Hello? Punch? Cutter? Sabi ko, ay di ko kailangan yan (imbes magpasalamat), isoli mo! Now, even if returning or exchanging merchandise is fairly common and accepted in the U.S., DH hates it. So sabi niya, hindi akin na lang. Ako na ang gagamit. At ano naman kaya ang pag-gagamitan aber? Mag-scrapbook din siya?

He also proudly told me that he got me 12x12 paper trays (not on my list). I asked vertical or horizontal. He said horizontal, with lids. Now I don't know about you but I don't like horizontal containers for papers because you have to pull out your entire stack just to choose paper. I prefer the vertical type where I can easily flip through the pages to find what I want. So guess what I said? And guess what he said?

I guess I should be thankful I have a DH who indulges me in this hobby. See? He even thought of getting me something he thought I might like even if it wasn't on my list. But maybe I should have gone with him instead. That could have saved us more money...not...hehehe.


Liza said...

am laughing like crazy here reading your post lee! but i agree - totally! pero di ba nga it's the thought that counts! still, it's best if they get the right item instead! lol! good luck pag-uwi ni hubby mo na sana ay 80% batting average na tama ang purchases! lol!

marking said...

Hi Lee, I would have never asked my husband to do that for me. Baka kung ano nga mauwi. You should have ordered on-line ahead and just have him take it home. But he's sweet thinking of things you might want.

Anonymous said...

ahw, sweet! he tried but miserably failed :) I've a LO waiting to happen and my working title/journaling is GRUPPO PACENCIOSO: behind every great scrapbooker is a patient husband. itutuloy ko na! :)

Au Lim said...

hahaha!...di bale, cute pa rin naman ang papa Toym at naaalala naman nyang ibili ang mga bilin mo...mali nga lang!...hehehe...reminds me of that time when pinasalubungan ka nya ng popsicle sticks! hahaha! sweet pa rin naman e... :-D

Christine said...


Girl, you're lucky to have such a DH! nuff said!