Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scraplifting A Master

This is my entry to Studio Azul's challenge to scraplift one of Iris Uy's amazing layouts. Now that is a tall order. It is no wonder that it took me so long to finish this layout. I usually finish a layout in one sitting (note that that sitting might take the whole day). I like my LOs tucked into my album before I tuck myself in bed. This one took me almost a week to finish but I finally did it. Here's how.

1) Take a deep breath.
2) Look at Iris' layout. Let out breath in one long whooossh.
3) Take a deep breath again, this time with matching closing of eyes, so you can focus on the layout (baka kasi namamalikmata ka lang). Look at all the fine details, each technique used, each master stroke. Start palpitating. Reach for paperbag, breathe in and out, deeply and slowly.
4) Leave your computer for a few hours and do such mundane things as washing the dishes to distract you from the task at hand.
5) Return to the computer again, stare at the LO until you get eye strain.
6) You get tired and decide to take a nap. Dream of Iris' LO and wake up in sweat.
7) Go to your scrap area, choose photos and papers. You decide your scrap area needs major cleaning, so you do.
8) Procrastinate enough yet?
9) Decide that you can never out-scrap a Master and maybe the point of this entire exercise is just to have fun.
10) Make your own LO without once looking at the original lest you feel pressured.
12) After so many days, declare your layout finished, take photo and submit by e-mail.
13) You resist the temptation of placing your LO beside Iris' on the computer and instead tuck it in your album.
14) It doesn't matter. Iris' LO is firmly imprinted in your brain so you see it and yours clearly, so you can't help but compare.
15) Shout "I am not worthy!" out loud. Whew! Apologise to the neighbors for making their dogs bark and their baby cry.

So here is my humble interpretation of a Master's work. Please be gentle. :-)

All About U

Materials Used:
DCWV CS; Ki Memories PPS and epoxy stickers; Craft Express, Provo Craft, Fancy Pants Chipboards; Tulip Fabric Paint, UTEE; Radiant Rain; ribbon; ric rack, Darice foams; Saunders glue; Tsukineko


scrapgurl said...

This is very nice lee! I love what you did with the white fabric paint. =)

Ch said...

I don't know what you're talking about Lee, sobrang ganda nito!!! As in!! I love the dots, it looks super clean and yet super bongga and embellished! :D I love ittt :) See you next week? :D

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmphhhhh!!! ganda kaya nito. :)

you are awesome, lee!

Christine said...

that is one beautiful page, Lee!!