Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Watched Twilight!

I was looking forward to my Wednesday date with Candy, but I had to bail at the last minute. DH requested that we sleep in Marikina because the driver didn't report to work. Since he was quite busy, he couldn't take the time to bring the KiDS home early. And good wife that I am, I had no choice but to go with him, although I pouted all the way.

I think he knew that I would never let him hear the end of it, so he brought me to SM Marikina to catch the first show. It's been a long time since I watched a movie alone (I usually avoid doing that because as my friends in college would tell you, I seem to be a magnet for sex maniacs in movie houses. Of the many seats in the theater, they usually sit beside me). But I had waited too long to wait another day, so I risked it. Hehehe.

Since it was the first full show, the movie house was only half-full, mostly of giggling colegialas, so no danger there. I also didn't mind standing up for the Lupang Hinirang (it is required for theaters to play the national anthem in theaters before the FFS and LFS). But I really hate those self-serving MTVs showing politicos and celebrities singing the national anthem like they'd live and die for it. Oh, well, it's a movie theater, so one must be prepared for all the acting. Hmph.

So anyway, I missed having Candy's company. I had no one to exchange squeals with, but here's what I thought about the movie. I plan to watch it again because I must have over-analysed it too much the first time to really enjoy it. OK, I'll admit it, I really want to swoon over Edward Cullen again. Hahaha.

Funny moment in the ladies' wash room. Two teenagers talking, one said she didn't like the actor playing Jacob. The other replied, he's supposed to be a fox isn't it? Mwahahaha.


tnapay said...

wow! good for you napanood mo na. will watch it tomorrow night with hubby. he saw the trailer and he wants to see it too. :)

Alby said...

Lee!!! I want to watch again too! Yes, I was disappointed the first time, but hey, it's still Twilight. I want to give it another chance. I want to give ME another chance to swoon over Edward. My favorite part was when he drove to school with Bella and he came out of the car wearing shades! Waaahhhh!!!

leira said...

i wanna watch it too!! i love it i love it!!! what can i say??? hayy Cute ni Edward Cullen. Made me feel like I'm in high school all over again