Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lessons from the Twilight Series

Thanks to Candy, I was able to read Stephenie Meyers' books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, including the unfinished draft of Midnight Sun. It took me six days. I would have finished earlier but once school started last Wednesday, I had less time to read. I do have three demanding KiDS whose seemingly endless needs I have to look after.

It was a good read. Not quite like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (majority of which I read, too) but interesting in its own way. When I'm not too busy, I will write a review in my other blog. Right now, let me just savor the books before I move on to the next read.

I am currently chewing on these meanderings:

1) Covens exist, except that in the human world, they are called cliques. And they can be as exclusive and secretive as vampire covens.

2) Bloodsucking leeches not only refers to vampires and the more common leech, they can also refer to humans who suck your emotions dry. (I'd say money, too, but I don't seem to have much of that nowadays... Emotions, I've got plenty of.)

3) People who look sinister may actually be good. And angelic-looking people may really be the epitome of evil. I should know. I've met one too many of them.

4) Dinuguan has never tasted so good.

5) Nothing like sharing good books with friends so you can discuss them together. (Thanks, Candy.) Hmmmm...anyone interested in forming a book club? The only requirements would be:
a) you are not a member of any clique/coven;
b) you do not exhibit any leech-like tendencies;
c) you are at least 90% good; and
d) you don't care what people eat as long as it's not you.

Candy and I have a date to watch the movie when it opens on November 21. It will be a kilig fest I'm sure. LOL.


Sandi Minchuk said...

Lee, you will completely LOVE this series- Heck, I loved it so much I made it the book of the month at Scrapperie! :) We're all having a blast discussing it... please come join us?

tnapay said...

hi lee. :) i would love to join your discussion on the twilight series. i still can't get enough of it. (feeling na nga ni hubby, teenager ang kausap nya when i blabber about it, heehee).