Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrap Saturday

We patiently counted the days (and nights) since Alby invited us more than a month ago, and finally, yesterday happened. And as expected, it was another fun, productive, and eat-all-you can scrapping day.

We started out earlier from Manila this time to make the most of our visit to Cavite. Cookie, Donna, Nina and I had fun chatting en route to Alby's place. Near Island Cove, Bjay met us and we convoyed to Alby's house. Which was a good thing, cause our driver missed the turn to the subdivision. We were all too busy yakking in the car, I forgot to give the driver directions.

Of course, we had to admire Alby's newly refurbished kitchen, from where she cooked the wonderful dishes we had for lunch and merienda. Then we oohed and aahed over her new scrap area. I know we all turned green with envy as we looked at her new cabinets and tables. Every scrapper's dream must be an organized and inspiring space where she could just retreat and scrap.

I was quite productive that day. I finished my Kaya 19-3 LO. I'm glad Donna sat right beside me and with her magic fingers, she demonstrated to me how she rolled the edges of paper to create that realistic aged and distressed look. I had a bit of trouble with the journaling because of the photo I used which was taken back in 2000. The photo is too formal for me to emote about it much and it happened so long ago. In the end, I kept it simple.


Building a Memory...A young couple, a sweet boy and a cute little girl. Two children that can each be held and guided with our two hands. I am sure I thought this was the perfect family unit. Who knew that we'd have another wonderful addition barely two years later? But for now, let me savor this memory - one happy unit of four. Indeed, we are building one big happy FAMILY. 11/22/08 (Photo taken 2000)

Alby also challenged us to make ATC cards on the spot so we'd have something to swap with each other as a remembrance for the day. Nina shared with us her blank ATC cards (thanks, Nina) so all we had to do was be creative. And we surprised ourselves with these.

(From L-R upper row: Alby, Donna, Bjay. Lower Row: Cookie, Lee, Nina)

I know that between our laughter, giggles, the occasional chismis (okay, more than occasional hehehe), my other friends were also productive. But I will let them blog about what they finished themselves. But I really have to talk about the food we ate! Too bad, I didn't think to take pictures after I smelled the delicious aroma, I forgot all about documenting. But not to worry, Cookie has all that covered here. Alby's laing made me forget I was a carnivore! That she made me eat vegetables without prodding is a testament to how good a cook she is. :-)

We ended the day past 7 pm. I know I arrived home at around 10, after I dropped the girls off. But I went home, gastronomically and creatively sated. I can't wait until the next scrapping day in Cavite. Here's a photo of us attacking Alby's penne puttanesca and bruschetta this time. Hehehe.

Until next time, ladies...errr...bombshells (term courtesy of Bjay. :-)


Cookie Aguilar said...

wow!! i love your post!!! and sana talaga maulit again!!! saya saya talaga!!!!

Benga said...

wow ang saya naman! the food looks so yummy! ATCs! love them all, tagal ko na d nakakagawa nyan, I also like your take on Kaya, Marj's callenge is such a great opportunity to scrap old photos and that is a lovely family photo worth scrapping!

bjay said...

wahaha! dumikit na yung term, ah.

di ko ma-blog, wala ako pictures! teka, makahanap ng pictures.

leira said...

wah!!! inggit ako. text nyo ako promise sasama talaga ako.

marking said...

Wow looked like so much fun and you were productive.