Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Digital Layout

I don't do digital, not really. My attempts at digital scrapbooking are limited to the annual Christmas cards that I e-mail to friends on Christmas day. Our Christmas family photos are taken on the evening of the 24th, before we leave for dinner with our in-laws. So come X'mas morning, I am in front of my computer rushing to send off holiday greetings to family and friends.

Recently, there seemed to be a spate of digital LOs in the PS e-group and challenge blog. That was kind of surprising and well, gratifying. You see, we had a discussion whether we would allow digital entries in the blog. And we agreed that creativity is creativity, regardless of the medium - traditional or digital. I am happy that many seasoned traditional scrappers made their digital debut in the PS blog.

And so I was inspired to sit down for a an hour or so to scrap a digital layout myself. Actually, I got so bored waiting for Godot (aka my DH) that I took out my laptop and just started moving things around in Photoshop. That's the great thing about digi-scrapping. A computer, some downloaded kits, a software and you're all set.

I thought I'd scrap the group photo of the Pinoyscrapbookers taken at the May 6 EB. This is such a great group and I want to pay tribute to them. Hopefully, they will like my digital offering. :-)

Credits: Genevieve Sass Fresh Green Kit; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS; Font: Script Bold

Journaling is a quote from Kahlil Gibran which I think captures the spirit whenever the members meet. "Let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures."

The Process:
The most difficult part for me was determining which font to use because I didn't really know what they looked like with the LO until I have actually typed them in. Like real scrapbook stuff, I also have to organize my digital thingies so I wouldn't have to open too many folders and so it would be easy to look for suitable elements. My sister Marissa has a very good system that works for her. Maybe someday soon I will be able to organnize my stuff the way she does.

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