Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scrapfest Altered Photo Box

When I was preparing my photos for the Scrapfest, I also prepared for the altered photo box challenge. I thought we would be using a box with a lid that opens up like your regular baul. Something similar to the 4x6 index card boxes sold at the office supplies stores. With that in mind, I created, in photoshop, a 4x6 label that I could put on the lid. Since the theme was "All About Me", I added my photo, and what the box might contain. Taking inspiration from Pandora, I knew my box would hold my dreams, my thoughts, my heartaches, my joys, my sacrifices, but always, deep within, my hopes.

Credits: Digital kit (Inspiration) by Vicki Stegall

Inspired by the Victorian scrapbooks that DH lent me and the Nostalgiques stickers that I have seen at Simply Scrappy, I vaguely decided that I would make something vintage or ephemera. Vaguely, because much depended on what was being sold during the Scrapfest as we were required to show receipts and use the materials we purchased from at least two sellers that day.

Materials Used:

Project Imagination Shakespeare PPS - just perfect for what I had in mind; the aforementioned Nostalgiques by Rebecca Sower stickers (vintage keys and locks and stamps); All About Scrapbooking chipboards; Li'l Davis Acrylic paint; ribbon from the Scrapfest kit.

The Process:
Concentrated on ignoring everyone around me, and kept repeating to myself and to everyone else who would care to listen that I really want that camera. (Wasn't it Joanne who said you have to be in it to win?) I am glad people thought nothing of my crazy ramblings. Maybe because they took it as normal? Hahaha.

When I cut my papers, I made sure that I highlighted the words or patterns. I first worked on the back of the box.

Then used a different patterned paper on one side (added the chipboards last)

Covered the other side with patterned paper, wrapping it to the front.

Mitch helped me by painting the top of the lid (thanks Mitch). I added the chipboards from All About Scrapbooking. Attached letter L with a black velvet ribbon from Imee (who insists until now that the box won because of that ribbon - thanks Imee).

On the upper half of the box, I used a third patterned paper, tore the sides, and added ribbon. I was going for broke, so I still added the label that I had printed at home, just cut off my picture so it would fit in the window.

I added the chipboards and then sanded the front, sides and back of the box. I wanted to cover it with Modge Podge but was afraid it might not dry, so will do that sometime this week.

So that, friends, is how you make an altered photo box in an hour. (Not detailed - the stress of working on a limited time, looking for things that were right in front me all the time, and of trying to control my urges to pee.)

This is the first time I won at any scrapbooking challenge and it is doubly special for me because this month also marks my first anniversary scrapping. It is a validation that I am learning and improving (I hope). In the first scrapfest I attended (September 2006) I was too afraid to join the challenges and too shy to mingle around. I have come a long way since then, thanks to all of you.


My DH and the KiDS were not home when I arrived. I placed the camera and the photo box inside a paper bag and placed it on top of the piano. I wasn't sure yet how I would present it to him, but I couldn't wait to see his reaction. After all, I finally won something non-trivia related. (Smile). When they finally arrived, I opened the door for him and without saying a word, I went out to the garage to get the KiDS. He went in and then he came out again, and with a grin on his face, slowly said, "You must be very happy." I ask nonchalantly, "Why do you say that?" "Because you have a camera" then he leaned over and kissed me. I had forgotten that I had shown him the major prize on the internet the day before. So no matter how I planned, the secret would've been out once I pulled out the camera box. But when he asked for the winning LO, he looked confused when I handed him the altered photo box. He just didn't get it...


CraftFairy said...

Great job! I think it is your journaling that made you win! Let's see that camera up-close again?

Ella said...

hi lee... love ur altered box. buti ka pa tapos na. ako..planning to do it this wikend along with the others LOs i have in-line. planning to make it retro. and still looking for papers.

congrats again!!!

jennifer said...

loved your box! hope next eb you could share some knowledge how to do vintage scrapbooking, i got some of my parents' old pics i want to scrap.

CraftFairy said...

someone pointed out that my comment made it sound like you won just because of the journaling and the box didn't matter. I didn't mean it that way. I think reading all the comments in Yahoo! Group where everyone was wondering was it the paper, the embellishment, or whatever, made me state it was your journaling. As I said...great job!

leira said...

congratulations on a job well done.. ganda ng gawa mo

C70 said...

great job and CONGRATS, Lee!! I really love your altered box! :)

Valerie Salmon said...

Lee, this box is wonderful!

symbelly said...

lee, ngayon ko lang natignan ng maigi yung box mo. wow. super galing galing naman. dapat lang na ikaw yung manalo.
great paper choice. galing talaga.