Monday, May 28, 2007

Sucked Dry

The Scrapfest, however fun and enjoyable and challenging it was, seems to have sucked my creative juices dry. What limited scrapping powers I have were drained by that one hectic Saturday. I haven't touched my scrapbook stuff for more than a week, not even to return the materials I brought to the Scrapfest to their proper storage. My Archivers bag is still unpacked.

Trying to jumpstart my creativity, I browsed through my files for photos that would call to me to scrap them. So far, I am deaf and blind to the possibilities. But I did find this:

When I first saw him in his tight-fitting shirt and pants, I knew I would vote him as a senator of my republic. LOL. Of course, those of you who know me know that I say that facetiously, right? Sayang, the photo is not so clear. Nag-selos yata si DH.


jennifer said...

natawa naman ako sa last sentence mo...pero malamang. lalo na siguro if he reads this post. =)

thanks for the great sale kanina! thanks for selling me your papers for that price. i am touched. =)

C70 said...

haha, Lee! you are so funny! he does look cute in that outfit!

I feel that we are in the same boat. All my Scrapfest purchases are still in their paper bags and all my stuff are still in my tote! WAAAAH! I've been wanting to scrap for several days now, the mojo just won't come back! :o