Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A New Look

I finally got tired of seeing dots before my eyes while I updated my blog, so I decided to get a new template, a new header, new colors and a new title.

Those of your who have been reading this blog since I started it less than a year ago, know that my DH calls me the armchair scrapper. (In college, we used to call people armchair something. We had a friend whom we called armchair Marxist, before he proved us all wrong when he went to tra-la-la-land. In other words, namundok po siya.) But anyway, my DH calls me armchair scrapper because he thinks I read more scrapbooking books and magazines that I actually scrap. He is always after me to produce more scrap layouts. To actually apply what I have read in those books and magazines I borrow from good friends. He feels he was vindicated when I won first place in the Scrapmeet's scrap trivia contest. I am working and scrapping really hard to prove him wrong.

Well, as a tribute to my DH, who is nonetheless very supportive of me and my scrapbooking foibles, I am changing the name of this blog from Live. Love. Laugh. Scrap. to The Armchair Scrapper. But I will continue to live by my early title. For really, what else is there to do?

Credits: Au for inspiring me with her awesome headers in her personal as well as the PS blog; photo - mine; alphas - vicky_grads; DH - color consultant; pastel painting in my profile - portrait artist Gig de Pio; Adobe Photoshop CS - having way too much fun with it.


jennifer said...

lee...can you please tell me where in the HTML page will i paste the code for the header? how did you guys do that? i have been trying to change my header, but i don't know where to put the code! please help me!!! =)


jennifer said...

hello lee! if you want to use a different image as background, go to layout, then Edit HTML. once there, hanapin mo yung code for body...then put this code:

background-image: url(URL OF YOUR BACKGROUND -- PLEASE CHANGE);
background-repeat: repeat;

that's it! =)
i'd try to do a header for my blog...pero i guess i need to download digi kits muna, heheheh.

Mai said...

i love the new page look Lee especially your sketch portrait...very dreamy look... did you sit for this ba? ano kaya iniisip ma nun ha :)

Lee i. said...

thanks mai. yes, i sat for the portrait. around 4 hours straight yata. mabilis na nga yun kasi it's full body and pastel lang. longer and several sessions kung oil. the artist asked me to pose that way. di pala madali maging model. masakit sa katawan kasi you can't move.