Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Here's a BG layout that I finished last week. My goal is to make two BG LOs this month. So that's one down, another one to go.

I call my 9-year old - Diego the Worrier. He worries about everything. He would watch Discovery Channel and worry that he would catch some incurable disease. He insists he's afraid of heights but loves flying in airplanes. When we rode Jurassic Park the Ride at Universal Studios when he was 7, he wasn't concerned about the drops and the ferocious dinosaurs popping here and there. He was worried that my glasses were going to fly off. All through the ride, he kept saying, "Mama, your glasses, your glasses..." He worries about the littlest things, and what else can we do as good parents except reassure him and show him that everything is going to be alright. We tell him as long as we have each other and as long as we have faith, everything will be just fine.

Whenever we go to Church we make it a point to light votive candles and say our personal prayers. This photo was taken by my DH at Baclaran Church last September 2006.

Materials Used:
Basic Grey Scarlet Letter Papers (Night, Revelation, Recognition); BG Alphabet stickers; white Uniball Signo pen; photo of Mother of Perpetual Help from our Ninang Ting given at our wedding (it has a dedication at the back); crucifix from Lola Mama; Colorbox Chalk Ink; stamp; ribbon.

The Process:
I simply followed the BG Gallery April 2007 sketch. Didn't put much pressure on myself either. I could have distressed the crucifix (it's really shiny like freshly-minted gold) but it was from Diego's paternal grandmother so I decided to leave it alone. I could've done better with the journaling, too. I wasn't sure that it was the appropriate writeup, but I wanted to keep it real - about a little boy's worries at this young age. I'm thinking now maybe I should just have written something about prayers and going to church. The last line was a last-minute not really well-thought of addition. The whole thing should have ended at "gotta have" then sequed on to "Faith." Maybe I'll change the journaling, maybe not. We'll see... (So, can you say didn't put much pressure on self? LOL).


Au Lim said...

just love this!...i like the effect of the stampita and the cross! love that photo too!...edgy ang dating! love it!!!

congrats for making it to the BG gallery...again!

Nita Ang said...

As I was telling you, I really love that stampita... very ephemera. Reminds me of the altar in our old house in the province. Gandang-ganda na nga ako sa mga stampita at cross, tapos malalaman ko pa emotional relevance sa inyo nun. Makes the LO more endearing. Congrats dear friend :D