Friday, May 04, 2007

The Merry Month of May

When I was a working stiff, I used to keep several calendars. We had a centralized calendar in the office, where all our meetings and engagements were recorded. My days were filled with senior management meetings, book launchings, events openings, project monitoring, accounting deadlines, and the like. I would then synchronize this with my PDA, and then I'd add my personal appointments - a listing of more mundane stuff like a reminder to pick up the dry-cleaning or the more exciting like a dinner date with friends or a weekend get-away with my husband.

Fast forward to this day. I no longer use my PDA, instead, I keep a simple daily planner from Manila Bulletin. And my days are filled, not with meetings with people who work themselves stiff, but with the dental/medical schedules of my KiDS, piano recitals, children's parties, scrap events and challenge deadlines.

Take a peek at this month's entries:
May 6 - Pinoyscrapbookers EB
May 9 - deadline for PS challenge entry
May 12 - self-imposed deadline for two mothers' day LOs (for my mom and my in-law)
May 13 - Imman's b-day party at the Fun Ranch
May 19 - Scrapfest
May 20 - deadline for MSW Valerie Salmon sketch
May 23 - deadline for Scrapbytes article
May 26 - self-imposed deadline for 2 BG LOs that I've been planning since forever
May 30 - deadline for Scrapbytes challenge
May 31 - deadline for Erica's Sketch It contest

A far cry from the life I used to lead for sure, but there are days when the pressure from deadlines is just the same. Except now, I can choose not to meet these deadlines if I were so inclined.

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