Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Prison Break Schizophrenia

Sometime last year I would chance upon Prison Break when I surfed between channels 47 (Lifestyle Network) to 55 (Star Movies). I don't switch to other channels except when the KiDS watch their daily dose of too much cartoons or my DH insists on Discovery and National Geographic. And no, I don't watch local channels, especially now that the election campaign is on. (Don't ask though why I seem so updated on the travails of the Rounin and Maria Flordeluna.)

Anyway, I had always dismissed Prison Break as just another old violent testosterone-laden prison movie. So Season 1 came and went on channel 50 (Crime/Suspense) without me sparing it more than a glance. Then the season run of Desperate Housewives ended on channel 48 (Star World), and I was left with a gaping hole in my Tuesday night viewing schedule. The replacement is, you guessed it, Prison Break Season 1. And that was when I realized that the show is new. I had always thought it to be many years old because the actor who plays Michael Scofield reminds me of the actor who played Victor in the 1991 Julia Roberts movie, Dying Young. I watched episode 1 and I was hopelessly hooked.

The next Thursday, I caught the Prison Break Season 2 premiere on channel 50 and again, I was addicted. Because of the different storylines, you can follow season 2 easily even if you didn't watch season 1. Flashbacks to events in season 1 help you follow the story.

And here lies the cause of my schizophrenia or "the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements". One day, Michael Scofield is in prison, scheming to get out. And two days later, he and company have broken out, trying to keep out of prison.

Maybe I should just end my misery and go to Baby dvd-dvd and get a copy of the two seasons. But then what would I do at 9:00 PM Tuesday and Thursday evenings?

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