Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kaya 1 Entry

I started and finished my entry to the Pinoyscrapbookers challenge blog yesterday. It's an LO that I did together with the KiDS - choosing their favorites, cutting and pasting. If only for that, I will treasure this LO forever.

You can read about the details here.

The Process:
I had DH take a picture of my hand clasping the remote with the TV in the background. I thought up the title and the journaling. DH wants me to add Rule of Thumb, but am not sure where I can fit that in now. The KiDS helped me with positioning and adhering the TV shows. Lots of arguments as to whose favorite show should be on top.

Oh, but before that, several disasters with the printing of the text. First I cut the 12x12 cardstock into half so it would fit in my printer. I created text boxes in MS Word. Then I couldn't figure out which side to load into my printer. When I was finally ready, I hit the OK key. But I had several documents open and printed the wrong one! Isang matunog na s***t which had Diego covering his ears followed by lots of sorry's from me. I should have practiced on scratch paper. Good thing the mistake was covered by the TV shows. See, I knew these shows would save my life someday. Hahaha.


Au Lim said...

ang galeng ng concept nitong LO na ito. ganda pa ng execution! cool sistah!

leira said...

i love this LO.. as in I could relate to it. While we were growing up we had the same mantra in our household. We even have a special name for the remote control Kuya because my dad is attached to it so feeling namin favorite child hahahahah... he even sleeps beside the remote control. Now in our household because Philbert and Joshwa aren't a big tv watcher I CONTROL the remote control by default